Hi! I’m Becca!

I’m an anti-diet food and body freedom health coach.

A simple girl from the midwest who turned her decade plus struggle with food and body image into her passion of helping women find lasting peace and freedom with food and body through my 1:1 and group coaching programs and courses.

work with me

1:1 Food Freedom Coaching

Ready to feel confident in your relationship with food and body image? Learn how to eat without guilt and fear of weight gain. Individualized coaching provides 100% accountability and support. We use my guided framework and work together to create a plan that works for you and your lifestyle so you can start feeling like your happiest and healthiest self.

Unrestricted You Group Coaching

This is my group coaching that follows the same framework as Food Freedom Coaching in a group setting of like-minded women so you never feel alone in your journey. This group coaching experience is a combination of course work and LIVE support with myself.

Online Course

Looking for support and wanting to get started on your own time? Online courses are for you! Take at your own pace and enjoy lifetime access.

If You Want to Stop Dieting For Good:

Build a healthier and confident relationship with food and your body. You will go from feeling alone and frustrated in your struggles with food and body image to feeling confident to eat without guilt and fear of gaining weight. You will learn to break the restrict/binge cycle and feel confident in your food choices and body you live in today!

Coaching is for you if:

A no diet health coach

3 pillars


Ditch Diet Mindset

Body Image:

Break The Cycle

Gentle Nutrition:

Eat Without Guilt

Client Reviews

“I am an accountant and dog mom. I spent a lot of my life obsessing over food and counting calories. I felt like I was hopeless and would be a constant over-eater my whole life. I am so grateful Instagram led me to finding Becca’s page. I loved the accountability and supportive community from the Unrestricted You Group Program and I am so excited to continue working with Becca.”

Kaitlyn —

Health coaching frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions

Schedule a Food Freedom Discovery Call for 1:1 coaching HERE. I offer group coaching three times a year. Next round will start early May 2023. Perfect timing to start improving your relationship with food and body heading into Summer. Online courses are evergreen and available to you at all times. Click HERE for Break The Cycle Online Course. 

Yes, I offer payment options that stretch out the monthly payment over 3 or 4 months.

Becca has been working with clients over the past 3 years and using this same framework to help hundreds of women, including herself. I am confident that if you put in the work and show up for yourself you will feel a complete transformation. Check out her testimonial page for real women that have gone through the program.
Both 1:1 and group coaching are 12 weeks long with weekly LIVE coaching calls, Food Freedom workbook and self-paced course modules with journal prompts and videos, open Q&A for ongoing support and accountability, private community group.
This program does not substitute eating disorder treatment nor is for someone who feels they may have an active eating disorder. This program does not constitute a doctor-patient relationship. For eating disorder information and referrals contact NEDA.

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