Health Coaching

Do you want to stop obsessing about food, hating your body, and put an end to dieting for good!

Make peace with food and body, stop obsessing about what to eat, and learn how to eat without guilt and fear of weight gain.

1:1 Coaching

Individual Coaching Includes:

How to get started:
Step 1 – Schedule a Food Freedom Discovery Call
Step 2 – On our call, I will ask a few questions to learn more about your story and determine if it’s a good fit.
Step 3 – We will schedule a FREE Consultation to chat in more detail, go through my Food Freedom Pillars, and create an individualized plan for your goals. 

Group Coaching


Next Group Starts in the Fall:
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Online Courses

Break The Cycle: Your guide to getting started on your journey to Food Freedom. Join my FREE training – How To Eat Without Fear of Weight Gain to see if this course is a good fit for you!  

Client Reviews

“My biggest accomplishment has been not weighing myself. The scale had so much control over me and my mental state. It determined how my week would go, it would cause me to binge. If I gained then I would eat out of depression. If I had a loss I would binge as a reward. It was a vicious cycle of starting over every week. Every. Damn. Monday. Becca helped me let go of that. She helped me realize I am not defined by the number on the scale and it’s okay to not know that number. I can’t say enough about what weight that has pulled off me. No pun intended.”