About Me

Health Coach Rebecca Rosati

Rebecca Rosati - Certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Food Freedom Health Coach

I struggled with food and body image for over a decade and turned my Food Freedom Journey into my passion and mission of helping women do the same.

I help women overcome her struggles with food and body image so she can become her most confident and empowered self!


years of battling with food and body image


days of desiring freedom


grateful I said yes to healing

My struggles with food and body image started my freshman year in college. I continued to feel lonely and isolated and was constantly obsessing over food, what I should or shouldn’t eat, constantly shaming my body and trying to shrink it. I would secretly binge and eat alone and these behaviors were holding me back from feeling peace and happiness in life.

My lonely and isolated world of obsessing over what I ate, constantly trying to lose weight and secretly binge eating was holding me back

My main focus is helping YOU overcome restriction and rules around diet and exercise and finally live a life of freedom. I help women improve her relationship with food and body image by reprogramming her thoughts and behaviors with food and the way she views her body image.

Food can be fun and easy! Imagine feeling confident in your food choices and your body image. What if I told you food and what you should or shouldn’t eat doesn’t have to consume your thoughts. It’s possible for you to wake up without immediately thinking about what to eat. You can trust your body and put an end to the restrict/binge cycle. You can finally make peace with food and eat foods you love without guilt or fear of weight gain. You can put an end to overthinking every morsel of food you eat.

Not Sure Where to Start?

If you feel like working with me would be a good fit, but you're not sure what is the best route forward, reach out and we can have a conversation to figure out what the best path forward is, to make sure you reach your goals.