30 Things You Don’t Know About Me

*My dog’s name is Mollie, she is a Morkie and she is the love of my life. 🐶

Mollie, my Morkie Dog *Positive Affirmations inspire me on a daily basis, fill your mind with happy thoughts… it works!

*My favorite color is pink… I am a girlie, girl; However, I mostly wear black.

*I can’t stay awake during a movie. Without a doubt, I am sleeping 15 minutes into the movie.

*I am obsessed with peanut butter, I eat it by the spoonful and I am actually eating it as I write this.

*I am a terrible singer and dancer… but I like to act like I am good.

*I make my bed every morning, it makes me feel good when I get home at night.

*I love having candles lit in the house, it feels homey to me.

*I was born and raised in Valparaiso, Indiana and I am the youngest of four.

*I love eating Skinny Pop… by the bag!

*I have my undergraduate degree in Advertising and Public Relations and a Masters in Business both from the University of Central Florida.

*I hate black coffee ☕️, the more cream, the better!

*I run mostly for mental health and also physical fitness, when my feet hit the pavement my most creative thoughts come out.

*I love fashion, but I am not fashionable.

*My favorite emoji 💩

*I am extremely competitive, at times I can be scary, I’m not kidding.

*I love the idea of champagne, but I just don’t love champagne… it gives me a tummy ache #RoseAllDay

Rose All Day  *I taught myself how to cook and I continue to learn every day, we got this!!


*Never have I ever… liked DONUTS!! 🍩 Even as a kid, I know it’s weird, bring on the egg and cheese croissant.

*Lately, I watch FRIENDS every night before I fall asleep. I know I should be reading, but I just love this show. “WE WERE ON A BREAK!!”

*I believe in soul mates.

*I can’t nap, maybe it’s because I am constantly thinking about my next recipe and blog post.

*I lived in Orlando, Florida for 12 years and recently moved back to my hometown, I have always been a midwest girl at heart. 💗

*People that know me, call me a dork, I like to think I am cool… who am I kidding!? I am a HUGE DORK!

*When I was a kid I saved ALL my money. I would hide it in my room and count it often. HEY! I just told you I am a dork.

*I always carry almonds in my purse, a girl on the go needs energy!

*I am extremely clumsy and drop everything, don’t ever let me use your phone!

*I have a new found love for Aldi! Trust me, you need Aldi in your life.

*The scariest thing I ever did was start my food blog and expose myself to anyone who is interested in reading… Thank you to everyone for the encouragement and following along on my new journey!!

*I turned 30 this year and launched The Well Dressed Kitchen on my birthday… which is why I picked to share 30 things… YAY you made it to the end! 💃🏼This is 30, 30th Birthday Celebration in Chicago



  1. I feel my best in yoga pants… do I need to say more!?
  2. My favorite movie is “The Other Woman” Cameron Diaz is a Girl Boss!
  3. I grew up boating with my family, the water is my comfort zone.
  4. My guilty pleasure is french fries, with all sort of dips.
  5. My favorite perfume is Chanel Chance (the green color), it smells amazing.


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