Why I Am Doing a 30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge

I am starting a 30-Day Smoothie Challenge on Monday, Sept. 30 – I invite anyone to participate, I am looking for people to join me for support and motivation. This  is all about making green smoothies a part of your lifestyle. All you do is drink at least one green smoothie per day. Keep eating regular meals, this is an effort to increase your fruit and veggie intake, no special ingredients or supplements required.

What is the Green Smoothie Challenge:

I am doing the challenge through Simple Green Smoothies. You drink at least one green smoothie a day for the next 30 days…and you can do whatever it takes to make that happen for you. Simple Green Smoothie put together a whole guide of tips and tricks, provides the grocery list for each week, and gives you a recipe for each of the weekdays. This challenge allows you to “freestyle” on the weekends. I plan to pick two of my favorites smoothies for the week and make those for the weekend. Or maybe get creative and use leftover ingredients to come up with my own recipes. Each recipe makes 1 serving, so if you’re doing this challenge with someone else in your household then be sure to double the shopping list and recipes when blending!

Reasons For My 30 Day Smoothie Challenge:

  1. Adding more fruits and veggies into your lifestyle: This 30-Day Smoothie Challenge is all about making green smoothies a part of your lifestyle. Most importantly for me this is not a diet. I don’t believe in diets, they never work because it’s not sustainable. I want to include more types of fruits and veggies in my life and I want to encourage other people to do the same.
  2. Feel better by Eating Better: Some of the results you can expect during this challenge  – more energy, boost your immune system, clearer skin, better mood, lose some weight, and less time in the kitchen.
  3. Challenges Motivate Me: I am the type of person that when I put my mind to something or set a goal, I won’t give up and I make it happen. I am also very competitive by nature so when there is a challenge I am ALL in. It’s always better to do something in a team versus alone so I hope having a small group to motivate each other and keep us going will help. We can post pics, tips, and tricks on social media to send motivation each day. I am a bit nervous about the commitment of posting a new smoothie picture each day for a whole month, but I think this challenge will help spark more creativity.
  4. Instagram is many people’s favorite social media platform. Starting an Instagram challenge not only builds your presence, but gives people an incentive to interact more with your brand and create a stronger community. I want to build more trust and connect with my readers to build more of a camaraderie.

If you want to join the Smoothie Challenge follow these steps:

  1. Purchase your Smoothie Guide: Through Simple Green Smoothies, here is the link: For a limited time the guide is available for only $17 (normally $35). Click here to purchase Smoothie Guide!!!
  2. Take pics and use these Hashtags in ALL your pics and posts:     #thefitnessfoodgals #localfitnessandfood  #girlsthatdrinksmoothies #simplegreensmoothies @thewelldressedkitchen @karas_fit_squad

  3. Watch this video for more details, tips and tricks.

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Simple Avocado Toast

Avocado Caprese Toast + Balsamic Drizzle


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